Bronze Level is for beginners and/or dogs and guardians who have completed a Puppy Pre-School class (see recommended Puppy Pre-Schools).

Week one is an information night including some basic animal behaviour principles and specific training skills to take home to practice with your dog in readiness for the following week.

Dog and guardian will work together to establish a bond of mutual trust and respect and will be assessed on the following exercises taught at this level:

  • Demonstration of foundation skills for bridging (letting your dog know if he got it right!)
  • Gaining the dog’s attention by using his name
  • Asking for the dog’s attention with “look/watch”
  • Sit
  • Basic hand target
  • Pay the Check In
  • On the mat
  • Drop
  • Loose lead walking
  • Give
  • Stay
  • Sit for polite greeting
  • Recall
  • Leave it – from the hand
  • Stand
  • Handling
  • Settle
  • Wait to be fed
  • Tricks
Our Bronze classes also cover behavioural information such as body language, environmental enrichment, bite inhibition, social maturity, socialisation and prevention of resource guarding.
At the conclusion of Bronze Level, students have the option to undertake an evaluation to earn their Level 1 Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) certification. There are two entry levels for the PDA program.  Level 1 is for beginner dogs under 9 months of age.  Dogs over 9 months of age can enter at Level 2 in the Silver Class.  See more about the Pet Dog Ambassador Program at