The Gold Level adds further to your understanding and skills and allows dogs and their guardians to truly refine their skills.

We would strongly recommend all students train their dogs to the Gold Level, as guardians can be happy that their dogs have attained a proficient level of training.

Gold Level behaviours include:

  • Clicker skills
  • Extended hand target
  • Leave It – Don’t touch that stuff in the street
  • Emergency Stop – 5 metres
  • Advanced Wait to be Fed
  • Pass by other dogs
  • Recall from a crowd
  • Close walking
  • No lead walking
  • Self control – wait in motion
  • Settle on mat
  • More advanced handling
  • Stay with distance and distraction
  • Street walk
  • Shaping
  • Having fun with tricks
  • Being Alone – for longer
At the conclusion of Gold Level, students have the option to undertake an evaluation to earn their Level 3 Pet Dog Ambassador certification. See more about the Pet Dog Ambassador Program at