Private Consultations

You may feel that you want some private help with training. Some of our certified instructors can come to your home and help you on an individual basis.

The following instructors offer private consultations:

Susanne Eckert

Cert IV Dog Behavioural Trainer
Pet Professional Guild Australia
Delta Institute

P08 8390 2198
M0412 500 661

Specialising in “special needs dogs” including reactive behaviour towards dogs and/or people. Depending on requirements, consultations will occur in home or at a mutually decided outside venue i.e. park.

Tracey Rogers

Dog Trainer Professional – Karen Pryor Academy
M0426 814 795

Private sessions can be provided to address a broad range of training requirements, however, they are particularly useful in dealing with problem behaviours which usually cannot be dealt with in a class situation. The most common issues of concern to owners are barking, dog-dog reactivity, dog-human-reactivity, digging, pulling on lead and/or uncontrollability, toilet training and some anxious behaviours.

The instructors undertake private consultations under their own auspices, not as part of CBS.