Silver Level strengthens the behaviours already learned in Bronze.

Silver Level behaviours include:

  • Targeting
  • Stand – side and front
  • Stay with distance
  • Wait at an entrance
  • Recall and leashing up
  • Loose lead walking with attention
  • Loose lead walking with social interaction (meeting a friendly stranger)
  • Give/Take/Exchange
  • Drop at side
  • Wait to be Fed
  • Handling for veterinary procedures
  • Being alone
  • Leave It – from ground
  • Being Alone
  • Car manners
  • Emergency stop
At the conclusion of Silver Level, students have the option to undertake an evaluation to earn their Level 2 Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) certification. Level 2 is the entry level for dogs over the age of 9 months. See more about the Pet Dog Ambassador Program at