Gold Level

Gold level adds to your understanding and skills and allows dogs and their guardians to truly develop as a partnership. We strongly recommend all students continue to Gold to be satisfied that they have attained a proficient level of training.

At the conclusion of Gold, students have the option to undertake an evaluation to earn their Level 3 Pet Dog Ambassador certification.

To enrol in Gold level, please complete an online enrolment form.

Gold level behaviours include:

  • Clicker skills
  • Extended hand target
  • Leave it (practising with real life examples)
  • Emergency stop (5 metres)
  • Wait to be fed (advanced)
  • Pass by other dogs
  • Recall from a crowd
  • Close walking
  • Off lead walking
  • Self control/wait in motion
  • Settle on mat
  • Advanced handling
  • Stay with distance and distraction
  • Street walk
  • Shaping
  • Having fun with tricks
  • Being alone (increased time).