Our team

Although all our instructors are volunteers, many of them are also professional canine trainers. Our instructors have a
range of nationally and internationally recognised professional accreditations, from such institutions as:

We also have a comprehensive two-year aspiring instructor program, which is run in-house by our Senior Volunteer Trainer.

Lauren Bevan


Growing up with her now thirteen-year-old golden retriever cross, Gizmo, inspired Lauren to pursue her dreams in studying something animal-related. She is currently studying at the University of Adelaide to obtain a double degree in Bachelor of Science (Animal Science and Animal Behaviour).  Joining Canine Behavioural School as an aspiring instructor was a no-brainer for Lauren. She has a specific interest in helping owners and their dogs overcome behavioural issues, and is also interested in canine anatomy and physiology.

When she’s not studying, she spends time with her albino Darwin carpet python, Dandelion, or is out on the Port River rowing for Port Adelaide Rowing Club.

Bradley, Heather


Having experienced all sorts of different training styles having had German shepherds for many years, Heather was really happy to find the use of positive reinforcement training while working at Guide Dogs for the Blind in the UK. It is from them that she adopted her last dog Iris, who travelled to Australia with her in 2012.

Heather has since been working at the RSPCA as an education coordinator (particularly as an advocate of their Lead by Example campaign) while continuing her love of training with CBS. She can often be seen out and about at schools and community groups, previously with Iris who was a wonderful RSPCA education advocate until her passing in January 2017, and now with her new partner in training (slowly!), Paddy.

Heather was very happy to qualify as a PDA Instructor with CBS and has very much enjoyed the challenge of taking on her own classes, helping people build relationships with their own dogs.

Carruthers, Marg


Margaret has a keen interest in Animal Behaviour and especially in understanding more about our canine friends. She has volunteered at the RSPCA for a number of years and is now with the Behaviour Team there. This involves helping the more anxious and nervous dogs who are struggling to adapt to life in the shelter.

This led to Margaret first fostering then adopting her rescue dog Molly, a German short-haired pointer/heeler cross. She has completed the Aspiring Instructor Program at CBS and is a member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Margaret is currently studying the Puppy Start Right Instructor Course through the Karen Pryor Academy and will shortly take the examination for the Canine Training Technician credential through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board.



Kate is the Head Instructor at Canine Behavioural School.  She has a menagerie of animals (including Monty, the border collie cross and Alaska, the blue heeler cross). She loves seeing the difference force-free training can make to the lives of dogs (including both her ‘problem’ dogs!) and their guardians.

Kate has completed the Delta Institute’s Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, the Dog Behaviour Consultant diploma with Dognostics Career Center (on scholarship), the Professional Canine Trainer accreditation through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, is a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner (Dog Trainer Professional course) and holds a Certificate IV Training and Assessment. She has completed Dr Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals course, is Fear Free Animal Trainer certified and recently completed the Advanced Animal Training course through Illis ABC (Karolina Westlund).  She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

Kate has previously been a police officer and government media adviser, but is now a full-time dog trainer, offering private consultations, puppy pre-school and group classes. She is also approved by the Dog and Cat Management Board to undertake greyhound muzzle exemption assessments, and also trains MindDog psychiatric assistance dogs.  Kate recently became a trainer and assessor for the Delta Institute, responsible for educating the force-free dog trainers of the future, and an assessor for Delta Therapy Dogs.



Jess joined CBS in 2017. She has previously volunteered with the Greyhound Adoption Program in South Australia and has fostered more than 30 greyhounds over the last seven years, two of whom became permanent residents. She recently welcomed Australian shepherd Lando to the family.

Jess has completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional course and is a Certified Training Partner.  She also has a Certificate III Companion Animal Services through TAFESA, a Dog Bite Safety Educator Certificate through Doggone Safe, Fear Free Trainer certification through Fear Free Pets and Canine Enrichment Technician with Dognostics.

Jess has a career in dog training and is passionate about puppy preschool, puppy socialisation, polite walking and calm manners using positive reinforcement.  She now takes on private training and puppy preschool classes around Adelaide’s north-east. Her goal at CBS is to help both the guardian and dog bond and understand one another, as she believes that it is one of the greatest gifts for two social beings.

Susanne Eckert


Susanne holds a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, is a Professional Member of the Delta Institute and the Pet Professional Guild of Australia, is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia and is on the RSPCA Force Free trainers list.

Mila, a very anxious, fearful and reactive rottweiler, was responsible for bringing Susanne on her journey to help other owners train and understand their dogs through humane and scientifically-based methods. Mila was rehabilitated through positive reinforcement, force-free training methods and lived a full life with two other rottweilers, Gunter and Piper. Piper (pictured) gained her Canine Good Citizen award through the Delta Society.

Susanne runs weekly puppy pre-school at Payneham, Walkerville and Stephen Terrace veterinary clinics. She also teaches group classes and on Saturday mornings runs dog reactive classes at Unity Park, Pooraka. She also offers private in-home behavioural consultations and training as part of her professional dog training services. Susanne is also approved by the Dog and Cat Management Board to train dogs declared menacing and/or dangerous.



Petra holds the Professional Canine Trainer accreditation through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board and has a Bachelor of Science (Hons), with a specialisation in animal behaviour. Petra is also a Fear Free certified professional and has her CAP 1 and 2 qualifications in clicker training.

She has been involved in the dog training industry since she was 12, when her mother, Mim Edwards, started Adelaide Pet Dog Training. She is very passionate about animal behaviour and welfare and the amazing achievements and relationships that force-free training facilitates.

Petra is currently undertaking a PhD, analysing how dogs experience veterinary clinics and looking at strategies to reduce or prevent stress. She is thoroughly committed to professional development and loves to learn more about learning theory, animal behaviour and force-free training. Petra regularly attends conferences, seminars and skills-based workshops to keep up to date with the latest in research and best-practice methods.

Petra and her partner Chris share their home with their rottweilers. Gus and Gwen are cheeky, boisterous and keep Petra on her toes, but are valued and much-loved family members.

sarah esau


Sarah was first introduced to positive reinforcement training in 2005 when she enrolled her pug/cavalier cross, Portia, into a puppy pre-school with Bev Clark at the Norwood Veterinary Clinic. Sarah’s Australian bulldog Hef joined the family in January 2009. Sarah noticed Hef had some aggressive tendencies so she promptly enrolled him into a puppy course at Adelaide Pet Dog Training and then the Canine Companion course. In training Hef, Sarah has seen firsthand the power of using positive reinforcement training methods.

Sarah enjoyed the training so much that she started volunteering at Canine Behavioural School as an assistant instructor at the end of 2009 and started taking classes as a fully-fledged instructor in mid-2011. Sarah also volunteered at the RSPCA whilst she was studying at university.



Anna joined CBS as an Aspiring Instructor in late 2019, soon after moving to Adelaide from Melbourne. Over the past 11 years Anna has had extensive experience training many dogs, as well as training lots of people to work with their own dogs. Her work has taken her around Australia and to Romania. She has a particular interest in how dogs and people can live their best lives together.

Anna is always eager to learn more effective and ethical ways to work with our animals and is an advocate of force free and positive reinforcement training. She regularly attends conferences and seminars and is an avid reader of behaviour and training books, as well as memoirs and biographies (of the non-doggo variety).

Anna holds qualifications from Karen Pryor Academy, International Guide Dog Federation and in Orientation and Mobility – a unique allied health profession which teaches and supports people who are blind or have low vision to travel safely.

She works full time in private consultation with services that include guide dog mobility instruction, O&M and pet dog training.



Emma has been an artist, nature and animal lover all of her life. She welcomed her first dog, Hilde, five years ago and so began the obsession with all things ‘dog’.

Training her three dogs with positive reinforcement and Nosework led her down the path of understanding her dogs and wanting to help others to bond with their four-legged family members.

Emma is President of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of SA and shares her life with her Bernese Mountain Dog Hilde, Leonberger Porsche, Landseer Amir and rescue kitty Mino.

Emma has completed the CBS Aspiring Instructor course, Karen Pryor Academy Professional Dog training, the L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology course and a Dynamic Dog Practitioner course, assessing how body pain and discomfort can affect behaviour.  She is currently studying through Dognostics and Animal Centred Education (ACE) as an integrated approach to animal wellbeing and education.

Emma loves to focus on a dog-centred approach to living with our canine family members.

sharon ava blitzen


Sharon has been in the pet industry for more than 15 years. Her interests lie in animal behavior, welfare and positive reinforcement training.

She owns three mini schnauzers named Blitzen, Ava and Billy.  Blitzen and Ava have both obtained their Canine Good Citizen Awards. Ava has also obtained an advance trick dog training title and Blitzen currently holds a novice trick dog title.

Sharon has completed the Certificate IV Companion Animal Services through the Delta Institute and the aspiring instructor program at CBS.  She is currently studying to obtain her Fear Free Professional certification.

She loves positive reinforcement training and helping to guide owners and their fur kids through their training.

Leann Hoppo


Leann became interested in dog training after acquiring her first Rottweiler in the early 1990s and attending obedience classes.

She is interested in all rescue animals, particularly dogs, with all her dogs rescues.  While each had their own problems, they were all very lovable and very trainable. Leann trained with current dog, Ryder, at a community obedience club and became an instructor several years ago. After enrolling as a student at CBS, she then joined the Aspiring Instructor program.

Modern, respectful and humane training methods resonate strongly with Leann. Coming from a science background, the idea of science-based training makes perfect sense, particularly when  integrated with force free and positive reinforcement techniques.

Leann and Ryder completed silver, gold and PDA level 2 last year and are currently enjoying an Introduction to Nosework course.

Leann is planning to do the CAP 1 & 2 assessment, and is looking forward to learning much more on many levels and sharing that knowledge for the benefit of dogs and their guardians.



Colleen has been volunteering as a dog trainer within the community for several years and enjoys seeing human/canine client teams developing their bond as they progress through training programs. Although it can be challenging at times, she finds it an immensely satisfying, fun experience and an opportunity to work with like-minded professionals and clients with a genuine interest and care for animals.

Colleen has completed the Aspiring Instructor Program and is a member of Pet Professional Guild. She has a Certificate II in Animal Studies and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She is a Pet Dog Ambassador instructor and assessor, a Doggone Safe Bite Safety Educator, and has completed the Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right Program. She is currently a student of the DogNostics Dog Behaviour Consultant Diploma and Walk this Way Instructor courses and hopes to qualify soon for the Canine Training Technician accreditation.

She and her husband share their lives with three dogs, Scruffy, Shambles and Toby, and cats, Meg and Haku.

Jeannine Lampe


Each of Jeannine’s dogs has taught her deeper and more meaningful understanding of canine learning and behaviour.  She is passionate about force-free training and the lifelong benefits it creates.  Jeannine enjoys life with Jacki the greyhound and Gandhi the curly coated retriever.

One of Jeannine’s proudest moments was using positive reinforcement to help Jacki accept the eye drops she needs every day for life. (Note from CBS:  Jeannine’s video of teaching Jacki how to accept drops won the grand prize at PPG’s 2018 “Let’s Celebrate Positive Reinforcement Competition”.)

Jeannine has a BEd (Hons) and works full time in aged care.  Among her other hobbies, Jeannine trials new recipes for her Happi Chappi Bakery for dogs.

Jeannine is the Volunteer Coordinator for CBS, is a certified canine nutritionist, and is a member of several associations including Pet Professional Guild, Association of Pet Dog Training, Dancing with Dogs, Musical Dog Sport Association and Kay Laurence’s Learning about Dogs and Sett group. A firm believer in lifelong learning, she continues her studies in canine nutrition and fitness, and canine freestyle courses; for 2021, Jeannine is aiming to earn a diploma in canine nutrition.



Alex is undertaking the intensive Aspiring Instructor Program. He has volunteered as an assistant trainer at a southern dog training school during 2018. He is enjoying learning from the professional trainers at CBS in a friendly learning environment with a wealth of professional resources for new volunteers.

He shares his home with three dogs who provide plenty of puppy kisses and kindly allow him the opportunity to practice his own training skills. He is looking forward to the year ahead as he begins the journey toward professionalism as a dog trainer.

Deb 1


Deb is currently CBS President and runs the Aspiring Instructor Program. She has studied canine behaviour extensively, attaining diplomas in Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting and Animal Behaviour Science and Technology (Companion Animal Sciences Institute) and in Canine Behaviour (International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour). She holds a Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training (Delta Institute) and the Competency Assessment Programme (CAP) 1 and 2. Deb is also a Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant with qualifications through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB). Her current studies are in pet bereavement counselling.

Deb currently sits on the Boards of the Pet Professional Guild, Doggone Safe, Companion Animal Sciences Institute and the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals. She also chaired the committee that created the Pet Dog Ambassador Program and is on the faculty of DogNostics Career Center in the U.S. Deb has authored in peer-reviewed journals and is co-author of a book about regulating the pet training industry. She shares her life with husband Arnold, and three Griffon Bruxellois, Roux, Ned and Laila.



Steph was first introduced to force free training while doing work experience as part of her animal studies course. She experienced first-hand such great results with her staffy cross, Buddy, that she was keen to further her knowledge and understanding of this training method.

Buddy entered Steph’s life as a young dog, full of energy and enthusiasm, but also quite rowdy and undisciplined. Through rewards-based training, Buddy has come a long way. He is now much better behaved and well mannered, has successfully completed both Bronze and Silver classes at CBS and Steph is looking to complete the Gold and Diamond classes with him in the near future.

Steph is a registered dog walker and pet sitter, she has experience in doggy daycare, holds a Certificate II in Animal Studies and has completed the CBS Aspiring Instructors in-house program. She has also attained the Canine Training Technician accreditation through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board.

Steph is a member of the Pet Professional Guild Australia and is passionate about bringing more awareness to the general public about the benefits of force free training. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and giving people the skills to have happy and well-mannered companions.

Oerman, Chris


Chris’s interest in dog training started when she joined an obedience dog club to train her first family dog, a basset hound, in the 1980s. Returning there with subsequent dogs, she ultimately became an instructor herself, some 16 years ago, which combined two of her interests: training people (which she did in her work life) and dogs.

To enhance her skills and knowledge she gained a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training in 2009. Learning is ongoing; since then she’s attended various seminars, workshops, read a copious number of books and observed other trainers.  Motivated to learn more about force-free pet dog training Chris started volunteering with CBS in 2017, becoming an instructor in 2018.

Dogs are also great teachers; each of Chris’s dogs have taught her a great deal and her current dog, Berkley the Labrador, is no exception. His passion for sniffing has led Chris to take up tracking and dabble in a bit of Nosework, which have proven to be fun for both. With hindsight, Chris thinks this is something she should have done with her basset!



Denisse is a veterinarian from Mexico and a lover of animals and medicine. After arriving in Australia four years ago, she started volunteering at AWL to help homeless dogs, and now works in an emergency clinic as a veterinary nurse.

Denisse joined CBS to learn more about canine behaviour, which is another of her passions, as she believes that it is very enriching and satisfying to educate dog guardians to strengthen the bond with them and provide them with a happy life and home.

Denisse commenced her studies at Delta Institute last year for the new Cert IV Animal Behaviour and Training. These studies will help build her skills in handling and her behaviour knowledge that, in turn, will be very useful in her clinical career and as a future professional dog trainer.

Denisse has a one year old Smithfield Collie called Tesla, who is the love of her life.



Tenelle has always had a keen interest in animal behaviour and welfare. She has gained a Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in 2011 and a Certificate IV Companion Animal Services (Delta Institute). She also has a Graduate Diploma in Education.

Tenelle is currently working at the RSPCA SA and says the shelter animals are her greatest teachers. As an instructor at CBS, Tenelle combines her passion for teaching humans and improving the lives of animals.

Tenelle is always looking to extend her knowledge and improve her skills with animals. She recently began training her Siamese fighting fish, Dice. He can now swim through a hoop on cue and is learning to play basketball!

In addition to Dice, Tenelle shares her home with a deaf boxer, a one-eyed Pomeranian mix, a turtle, a couple of chooks and two rabbits.

Sharon T


Sharon has been involved in obedience dog clubs for many years and has competed with her Vizsla and German wire-haired pointer in obedience and agility competitions.

Her passion for dogs led her to become an instructor for many years at another dog club, and she also runs group classes and is a volunteer coordinator of a dog therapy program.

To further enhance her knowledge and skills she has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training, has a Certified Trick Dog Instructor qualification and recently completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional course as a Certified Training Partner.

Tracey Taylor 2


Tracey is an experienced trainer who works with dogs with a history of resource guarding, anxiety, aggression, biting and other behavioural challenges. She believes strongly in advocating for dogs’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Tracey has a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Delta Institute), a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a Shelter Training and Enrichment certificate (Karen Pryor Academy) and is a Fear Free Certified professional.  She is an assessor for Delta Therapy Dogs, a DCMB approved greyhound muzzle exemption assessor and is an educator for the Delta Institute, teaching the dog trainers of the future. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Science, Animal Behaviour at the University of Adelaide.

Tracey believes that her role is to help you and your dog to be the best of friends and build a mutually respectful and unbreakable bond.

Amanda Ware


Amanda is a graduate of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute and Dognostics Career Centre obtaining diplomas in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology and Dog Behaviour Consultant. She has also completed many short courses, such as Dr Susan Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals course, FDSA and Karen Pryor Academy courses and is currently studying dog aggression.

Amanda has a special interest in canine scent work and is a certified Nosework instructor through National Association Canine Scent Work.  She teaches Nosework classes to companion dogs.

Amanda has been an instructor at CBS since 2013 and has also instructed and assisted with classes at her dogs’ veterinary clinic.

Amanda has professional membership with Pet Professional Guild Australia, Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia, and Australian Canine Scent Work.

Amanda shares her home with her two rough coat collies, who keep her very busy with their energy and enthusiasm for training and adventures.



Felice completed a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2011 and worked across South Australia and Victoria before settling in Adelaide.

She has a keen interest in animal behaviour and positive reinforcement training and has completed the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with the Delta Institute, and a Dip.CBST through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.  Felice has several bunnies, and often fosters animals for rescue organisations.  She also adopted golden retriever Bella, who obtained her B.A. for dogs through the CLASS program.


Having had several dogs with differing personalities and needs, Trish was seeking a new way to train her most recent dogs. After learning about positive, relationship-based training methods, she joined CBS and the Aspiring Instructor Program to learn more and to improve her skills as an instructor.

She enjoys seeing both dogs and handlers learning together, forming strong relationships and truly enjoying life together. Currently she’s living with two dogs and, when not playing, training or feeding them, she works in adult education.