School information

We train on Monday nights during school terms on the back oval of Trinity Gardens Primary School, corner Portrush Road and Devitt Avenue Trinity Gardens, South Australia. Please enter from Devitt Avenue towards the rear of the school.

We run Bronze level classes at 7.00pm and all other training level classes at 8.00pm. All classes run for 45 minutes. Our venue is outdoors under lights, with the exception of the dog-free information session in week 1 of Bronze level, which is held in a classroom indoors. Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Care for your dog during extreme weather

Some breeds of dog struggle in the heat.

Brachycephalic dogs (those with pushed in faces for example French Bulldogs, Brussels Griffons, British Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekinese, even Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and others) are particularly vulnerable in hot weather. Be very careful to ensure that your dog is breathing normally in the heat. Any sign of heavy breathing, with raspy sounds could mean your brachycephalic dog is struggling in the heat. If this is the case when you are in class, please let your instructor know that you need to leave class and cool down your dog. It is best to “put (your dog) into a cool shady area, wetted down with cool (not icy) water and fanned…offer cool (not cold) drinking water, but don’t allow it to gulp large amounts.”

Heatstroke is another problem of which you need to be aware. Signs of heatstroke can be rapid panting, listlessness, drooling, weakness, muscle tremors and then collapse. If your dog shows even the mildest of these symptoms, whether in class or at home, you should follow the same advice as above but also “Contact the nearest vet immediately but don’t transport animals in a hot car.”

Dogs being cold is also an animal welfare issue. If you are cold, it is quite likely that your dog will also feel cold. Dogs with thick, double coats will be better able to stand the cold than those with really short coats like a Staffy or a Hungarian Vizsla. Please remember to bring your dog’s coat with you in cold weather.


Choke/correction collars, prong collars and electric/shock collars (illegal in South Australia) are not permitted in any CBS class. Dogs should wear a flat collar and/or a harness.

Arrivals and departures

Care must be taken when arriving and leaving classes as we have a number of classes running simultaneously. Some of our dogs may require extra space and may have something yellow on their collar or lead (see the Yellow Dog Project). Please ensure you always ask the guardian before approaching any dog.

School shop

Our school shop has a range of treats, chews, training equipment, and enrichment items available for purchase. We also stock Softouch Concepts Inc front-attach harnesses and can fit your dog with the appropriate size. The shop is open from 6.40pm until 8.15pm on Monday nights. We accept cash and credit card payments.


Your dog’s current vaccination certificate must be produced to the reception desk on your first night of training. If your dog is holistically vaccinated please bring with you a current copy of the dog’s blood titre levels for inspection.

Dog illness/injury

Dogs suffering from a contagious disease or injury, or who have associated with a dog suffering from a contagious disease, must not be brought to the training grounds until at least two weeks after contact and/or after being cleared by a veterinarian.

Dogs in heat

Female dogs in oestrus (on heat) must not be brought to the training grounds for a period of 21 days after the first sign of season. Please ensure your dog has been bathed before returning to class.

Children in classes

We encourage all members of the family to attend classes. However, children on the training grounds must be directly and closely supervised by a parent and/or guardian. That person is directly and solely responsible for the behaviour and wellbeing of the child or children in their care. Children under the age of 16 years may not handle a dog in class, unless approved by the instructor of that class and with a parent’s approval and presence.
Our instructors have the authority to request any person acting in a manner not conducive to the interests of CBS to leave the grounds.