Weather cancellation policy

Other than in exceptional circumstances, training will be cancelled at 5pm when:

  • the predicted temperature for 6pm is 33oc or more as per Weatherzone at Adelaide and/or
  • it is raining steadily or is stormy (thunder and lightning) at our training grounds.

The decision whether or not to cancel training is made no later than 5.00pm.

Our Facebook page will notify you of training cancellation. Wherever possible, we ask our instructors to text you of any cancellation and an email will also be sent regarding cancellation. Your most reliable information about the cancellation of training is on Facebook.

Please refer to our recommendations below regarding caring for your dog during extreme weather.

Care for your dog during extreme weather

Heat can be a serious issue for all dogs, but some breeds of dog are more susceptible than others.  Brachycephalic dogs (those with very short noses like bulldogs, pugs, or cavalier King Charles spaniels) are particularly vulnerable in hot weather.

Ensure that your dog is breathing normally in the heat. Any sign of heavy breathing, with raspy sounds, could mean your dog is struggling in the heat (particularly brachycephalic dogs). If this is the case when you are in class, please let your instructor know that you need to leave class and cool down your dog. Put your dog in a cool shady area, wet with cool (not icy) water and fan.  Offer cool (not cold) drinking water, but don’t allow your dog to gulp large amounts.

Signs of heatstroke can be rapid panting, listlessness, drooling, weakness, muscle tremors and collapse. If your dog shows even the mildest of these symptoms, whether in class or at home, you should cool your dog as mentioned before, but also immediately contact the nearest vet.  Don’t transport your dog in a hot car.

Cold weather is also an animal welfare issue. If you are cold, it is quite likely that your dog will also feel cold. Dogs with thick, double coats of fur will be better able to stand the cold than those with really short coats. Please bring a jacket/coat for your dog in cold weather.