What we do

Canine Behavioural School Inc (CBS) is a dog training and behavioural management school based in Felixstow, South Australia.

CBS has established itself as a preeminent model of force-free pet dog training across all breeds and ages of dogs. Force-free training, as the name implies, does not require the use of force or physical strength.

Our scientifically-endorsed, reward-based methods are suitable for all members of the community including the young, the elderly and those with a disability. All family members are encouraged to attend classes.

Our aims:
  • To provide training relevant to everyday life situations that will help make your dog a well-mannered and welcomed member of your family and your community.
  • To help you see life through your dog’s eyes so as to better understand their behaviour and needs, and help to provide a happy 'forever' home for your dog.
  • To enhance your understanding of both dog behaviour and responsible pet guardianship.

We use the term "guardian" rather than "owner" as we feel this promotes a relationship of trust, reliability, protection and respect.